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Larry Habegger, executive editor of Travelers’ Tales, has visited more than fifty countries and six of the seven continents, traveling from the Arctic to equatorial rainforests, the Himalayas to the Dead Sea. In the 1980s he coauthored mystery serials for the San Francisco Examiner with James O’Reilly, and for thirty-one years wrote a syndicated newspaper column, “World Travel Watch.” Habegger regularly teaches travel writing at workshops and writers’ conferences, is a principal of the Prose Doctors (prosedoctors .com), and editor of the Travel Guide to California, an annual magazine ( He lives with his family on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.

Homage to Village in the Vaucluse

To anyone who has not spent much time in a small village in Provence, Laurence Wylies Village in the Vaucluse may seem strange, or anachronistic, or both. If you have been only to the towns and cities in the South of France, the little village in the hills of Provence where Wylie spent a year in 1950 will probably seem something out of the last century to you, a place more likely to exist in the hills of Sicily than in the sun-drenched land of Marseille, Aix, and Nice where tourists from all over the world congregate.

Mohammed’s Shirt

The process of haggling is more rewarding than the purchase.I saw him moments after descending from the bus before boarding the boat for the Temple of Philae in Aswan. It wasn’t the white stubble of his beard and close cropped gray hair that caught me. It wasn’t his erect posture in the flowing galibeyah gown

Added on June 03, 2009

Speaking Spanish

Larry gets a language lesson from his daughter in Puerto Vallarta. “Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro,” I stuttered, failing completely to roll the r’s as my seven-year-old daughter laughed with glee. “No,” she said, “it’s perro,” in a perfect Spanish accent. “Like this.” She twittered like a bird demonstrating how to do it. “You need to practice.” “Do you think I can learn?” “Yes. Practice all the way home.”

Added on April 06, 2008

Who’s Aging?

It seemed like just a short time ago that I threw a surprise 50th birthday party for a close friend. He wasn’t impressed because he never liked to celebrate birthdays, and turning 50 was more than he wanted to face. But he played along, a good sport, and when it was over got back to his normal life.

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