About Michele Anna Jordan

When Michele Anna Jordan was offered a live sago worm at a farmers' market in Serian, Sarawak (one of two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo), she politely declined. It is the only food she has ever refused during cooking and eating adventures in dozens of countries on four continents. She ate durian in Kuala Lumpur and after her first bite of mangosteen bought a kilo and returned to her hotel, where she quickly devoured all of them. She has written about food, cooking, culture and travel in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and in sixteen cookbooks to date, including California Home Cooking, The New Cook's Tour of Sonoma, Salt & Pepper, and The BLT Cookbook. Her radio show “Mouthful” is available as a podcast at iTunes and Yahoo. Jordan teaches unique in-home cooking classes and is currently at work on several new books. See what she is up to at www.micheleannajordan.com.