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A few months after her twenty-first birthday and shortly after graduating college with an unmarketable degree in history, Sophia Erickson was waiting tables in rural Massachusetts and wondering what to do next. After a chance email exchange with an old friend she booked a one-way ticket to Beijing. She spent nearly three years exploring China and East Asia, learning Mandarin, and putting enough money in the bank to nearly retire her crushing U.S. student loan burden.

Sophia is now a passionate and seasoned traveler who wants to share her experience with others so they can find happiness, prosperity, and self-fulfillment exploring East Asia. Her A-to-Z guide for English-speaking millennials seeking to move to China hits bookstores and on-line retailers October 9th. This book is not just for young Americans, recent graduates stuck in dead-end jobs, or international relations graduates. It’s a manifesto for anybody who has ever considered moving overseas and for those exploring post-graduate ideas beyond their home towns and home countries.

A graduate of Oxford University and Phillips Academy, Sophia now resides in the Middle East. You can find out more about her at or contact her directly at

The China Option

Sophia Erickson graduated from college with an apparently useless degree in European history. She faced crippling student loans, but after an anxious couple of months waiting tables in her small Massachusetts town, she bought a one-way ticket to China. Over the following two years she had deeply enriching cultural experiences, paid off nearly half her student loans, and visited China from Heilongjiang to Hainan, as well as neighboring countries Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Singapore. The China Option: A Guide for Millennials: How to work, play, and find success in China is a manifesto for recent college grads to pay off debt while living a stimulating, adventurous life, and to pave the way for a successful future.  

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