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Larry Habegger Executive Editor Larry Habegger tells stories, talks about travel writing, and ruminates on current events in Larry's Corner. This week, in Reflections on the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference, Larry shares some thoughts about the celebration marking 20 years of Travelers' Tales. Have an opinion? Tell him what you think at


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Every week we choose one of the great stories we've received from travelers around the world and present it here as our "Editors' Choice." In Deep Travel, Notre Dame, Erin Byrne finds peace in Paris. For an archive of these stories click on this Editors' Choice link; for more about the editors, see About Travelers' Tales Staff.

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Deep Travel, Notre Dame
Erin Byrne finds peace in Paris. [Read on]

Remember This Night
Katherine Jamieson knows that her neighbors in Guyana might talk, but it will be worth it. [Read on]

Oranges and Roses
Amy Gigi Alexander discovers Africa on the outskirts of Paris and finds comfort from sudden grief. [Read on]

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