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Borrowing Time in Balestrand
Augusto Andres reflects on the bittersweet passing of our seasons. [Read on]
Added on October 02, 2007

Vita Nova
Augusto Andres visits an unusual museum and is moved to delve into unresolved issues from the past. [Read on]
Added on January 26, 2004

Shedding Masks
On a warm October morning in Egypt, I ventured into Cairo’s labyrinthine Khan Al-Khalili market to lose myself. I passed stalls of gold, sliver, and brasswares, brightly patterned galabeyas and linen scarves draped across narrow passageways, colorful bowls of spices shaped into delicate, powdery pyramids.

[Read on]
Added on August 12, 2003

In the Kitchen with Yuyo

It is a mild afternoon in Morelia and warm streams of sunlight filter in from the open-air courtyard of the house, brightening Yuyo's kitchen. Although I've been in this room many times, I‘ve never really taken a good look around and a part of me is disappointed by what's not here. I admit to having some romantic notions of the Mexican kitchen. I picture beautifully decorated, clay pots bubbling over with savory pozoles, an oversized copper kettle simmering frijoles de la olla, a sturdy hand-fired comal roasting deep-red chiles anchos. On the countertop of blue and white tiles from Puebla, I see an aged molcajete, the secrets of previous generations ground into the well-worn basalt tejote.

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Added on March 12, 2003

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