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The Barber
Dustin W. Leavitt reflects on Vietnam-U.S. relations and the tentacles of power. [Read on]
Added on December 27, 2005

The Gigolo
Dustin W. Leavitt discovers that the underworld of Japanese tattoo is full of surprises. [Read on]
Added on October 17, 2005

Balinese Canoes

Our second order of business, having already negotiated a daily fee for services rendered—a detail elevated to unprecedented primacy in that first year of the Asian Economic Crisis—was to decide what we ought to call each other. "Your people (meaning my people, Americans) use the family name, is this not correct? And what is that name?" the headman of Tanjung Benoa village asked, his tone prudent. I told him my family name, but suggested he call me by my given name instead, as was customary in my country.

[Read on]
Added on April 12, 2003

Doublestar (Why I Write)

Twenty-five years ago I worked in the Bering Sea trade. My ship, the tramp freighter Doublestar, had seen action during the Pacific War. Decommissioned, she had been sold into private hands and her twin diesels had been replaced with a single, gargantuan locomotive engine that sometimes made her sound like a train in the night.

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Added on February 07, 2003

Japanese Tattoo
by Dustin Leavitt The author learns the history of this art straight from the master Akebono desu ne, I said, pointing with a forefinger at a patch of grey: dawn. A grunt and a curt nod of affirmation. It was... [Read on]
Added on January 17, 2003

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