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Top Ways To Save Money on Your Rental Car
Renting the right car can not only save you money, it can add comfort, convenience, and safety to your trips. Joel Widzer offers some good ideas. [Read on]
Added on January 05, 2006

Top Ways To Get a Rental Car Upgrade
When you’re on the road making sales calls or taking clients out to eat, a nice rental car makes a great impression and also adds joy to your driving experience. Joel Widzer gives you a few tips to get the most car for your dollar. [Read on]
Added on January 04, 2006

Top Ways To Get a Hotel Room Upgrade
One of the biggest hotel aggravations is knowing that while you're crammed into a closet, luxury suites sit empty. Joel Widzer shares tips for getting luxurious upgrades. [Read on]
Added on January 04, 2006

Important Questions to Ask at the Rental Car Counter
Renting a car on your next business trip? Joel Widzer recommends you know the answers to some key questions. [Read on]
Added on January 02, 2006

Most Business Friendly Hotel Chains
If you want a competitive edge when you travel on a business trip, Joel Widzer says having all the tools readily available at your hotel can help you leapfrog the competition. [Read on]
Added on January 01, 2006

The Myth of Bad Airline Service
Everyone talks about bad airline service. But what about good service? The nation's newspapers, web bloggers, and airwaves are full of stories about the plummeting state of flying. Every day, my e-mail in-box fills with airline horror stories. So I... [Read on]
Added on November 09, 2004

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