Sophia Tellen Flying Carpet Articles

Highly Unusual
Sophia Tellen finds a home in Barbados. [Read on]
Added on April 09, 2009

Greek Hospitality
Sophia Tellen relives a journey from long ago and appreciates anew the kindness of the Greek people. [Read on]
Added on April 24, 2008

Camino Encounters
Sophia Tellen finds her way on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. [Read on]
Added on December 21, 2007

Someone Who Cared
Sophia Tellen remembers the aftermath of the Hungarian revolt in 1956 and the refugee crisis it spawned. [Read on]
Added on September 04, 2007

The Last Good Woman
Sophia Tellen remembers her travels in Israel a long time ago. [Read on]
Added on October 10, 2006

One Man's Swiss Journey
Sophia Tellen reveals a life well lived. [Read on]
Added on May 26, 2006

The Ring
Sophia Tellen pursues a symbol of long-ago dreams, and brings them back into her life. [Read on]
Added on December 22, 2003

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