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"There are tears in things, and mortality touches the mind"
Tim O'Reilly and his wife Christina visit the Athenian Agora and the Archaeological Museum, and in both places, it was the touch of mortality that brought the most significance to the day. [Read on]
Added on October 18, 2008

Perfect Resonance
Tim O'Reilly and his wife Christina visit Epidaurus, the largest and best preserved of all Greek theaters. [Read on]
Added on October 18, 2008

This morning, I scaled the walls of Mycenae
Tim O'Reilly continues his quest in Greece, this time storming the fortress of Mycenae. [Read on]
Added on October 13, 2008

I ran the 100 yard dash in the Pythian Games
Tim O'Reilly runs the 100 yard dash in the Pythian Games, with photos and commentary about Delphi and the area. [Read on]
Added on October 08, 2008

Illumined in Sainte-Chapelle
Louis IX left Notre Dame to the ordinary folk and heard Mass himself across the square,
in his exquisite private chapel.

After visiting Notre Dame, I headed across the street, nose in a map, driven by a faint memory of a passing mention of a small church "with the best stained glass outside of Chartres."

[Read on]
Added on February 21, 2003

Walking the Kerry Way
I hadn't spent much time with my brother Frank since he was about twelve years old, back in 1973. That was the year I'd gotten engaged to a non-Catholic, and my parents wouldn't let me bring her home because "it would scandalize the children." I was nineteen and equally sure of myself, so I refused to come home without her.

[Read on]
Added on February 14, 2003

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