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Silent Traveler in Oxford, Answered by The Reader on November 11, 2004
Dear James, I went to Oxford last weekend and found the book with the title of The Silent Traveller in Oxford on sale there. After returning to Cambridge where I study for my PhD in Architecture, I couldn't find this... [Read on]

Air France and Boeing 777s, Answered by The Reader on November 11, 2004
I will be flying Air France from Houstion Texas to South Africa at the end of the month. I would like to take a boeing 777. Can you tell me if Air France has any of these planes? The web... [Read on]

Ireland Reading, Answered by The Reader on May 04, 2004
Hi James, Hope all is well with you. I am going to Ireland to cover cultural events in the South and Western regions for Porthole and Recommend magazine. I read your essay about Ireland. What is the most important thing(s)... [Read on]

"On and Off the Autostrada", Answered by The Reader on February 20, 2004
Dear Mr. O'Reilly, Within the book Travelers' Tales Tuscany there are quotes from "On and Off the Autostrada" by James O'Reilly. I would love to read it in it's entirety. Can I buy it? Where can I find it? Thank... [Read on]

A European Cruise, Answered by The Reader on February 10, 2004
We are trying to choose between a cruise that starts in Rome (Sorrento, Sardinia, Corsica, Livorno, Portofino, St. Tropez and Monte Carlo) or choice #2 Nice, Portovenere, Livorno, Valencia, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, and Barcelona. We have not visited any... [Read on]

Travel to Ireland, Answered by The Reader on February 10, 2004
I'm going to Ireland this year. What should I watch out for as far as safety and what books should I read before going? Thank you.... [Read on]

Books about Oxford, Answered by The Reader on February 07, 2004
I will be spending roughly twenty days at Oxford University in July 2004. What books do you recommend reading for and about this region as well as any books concerning London? Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.... [Read on]

Books on Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Answered by The Reader on January 09, 2004
Which books would you recommend for an in depth look/study of Scandanavia and Germany and Austria? I want to go, but I want to know if they are worth going to and why and so forth. Kemi... [Read on]

Central America, Answered by The Reader on December 05, 2003
I am a student of Latin American history and will do my Masters thesis on the development of the penal colony on Isla de Coiba, Panama. I have read Scott Anderson's article about the island (cited in this site, and... [Read on]

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