$17.95True Stories of Life on the Road

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By James O’Reilly and Larry Habegger and Sean O’Reilly
January 1996
ISBN 1-885211-03-1 439 pages
Hong KongThis magnificent city holds a world of cultures and people and wisdom from both Asia and the West. It is the crossroads for many worlds, many pasts, and many futures, and in it we might read our own fortunes as individuals and nations. Come with us as we lean on the sill, take a deep breath, and wonder. Notable authors in this collection: Paul Theroux, Jan Morris, Bruce Chatwin, Simon Winchester, David Yeadon, Jeff Greenwald, and Suzy Gershman.
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Part One: Essence of Hong Kong
Approaching Planet Hong Kong–Kevin Rafferty

A Perfect Pig–Simon Winchester

City of the Main Chance–Frank Viviano

Towards Fragrant Harbor–Jan Morris

My Hong Kong Neighborhood–Angus Foster

A Leg up on Fate–Yvonne Michie Horn

The Dragon-Lines–Bruce Chatwin

Love Will Find a Way–Austin Coates

The Food Doctor–Charles Jennings

On the Offensive–Alison Dakota Gee

Shadow of the Manchus–Edward A. Gargan

The Bones of Saint Francis–Frank Viviano

Way Out Among the Islands–David Yeadon

Learning to Love Canton–John Krich

Part Two: Some Things to DoPaper Patterns–Charles N. Barnard

Perfect Pleasures–Jan Morris

Loving the Alien–Nury Vittachi

Dim Sum Et Cetera–Burley Packwood

Time and Again–Donald W. George

Land of Pearls–Julia Wilkinson

A Bottle a Day Keeps the Chinese Doctor Away–David E. Scott

Shop! In the Name of Love–Suzy Gershman

Hiking Hong Kong–Garry Marchant

Tao of the Racetrack–Larry Habegger

Hong Kong’s Stanley–Stanley Karnow

Archiplego–Jan Morris

Our Feathered Friends–Michael Caruso

Part Three: Going Your Own WayGoing Your Own Way

A Return Home–John W. Fisher with Yvonne Michie Horn

Professor Tea–Jason Goodwin

The Baghdad Connection–Andrew Powell

If You Knew Suzie–John Hoskin

Mr. Leung–George Adams

Man-Made Uppers–Kelly Simon

Chungking and Other Horrors–Rajendra S. Khadka

Lucky Money and Blood on the Pavement–George Adams

Shipping Out–Jeff Greenwald

Hong Kong Pedigree–Andrew Cockburn

Suitable Advice–Amanda Mayer Stinchecum

Going to See the Dragon–Paul Theroux

Part Four: In the ShadowsIn a Hong Kong Prison–Isabel Taylor Escoda

Wind and Water–Edward A. Gargan

Mad Dogs and Chinamen–William McGurn

Shopping with the Pirates–A. Lin Neumann

Last Gasp in Guangzhou–Earl Yin Jew

The Rotting State–Nicholas D. Kristoff

Part Five: The Last WordVictoria Peak–Lydia Minatoya

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Travelers’ Tales are anthologies. The authors come from all walks of life: some are teachers, some are writers, some are scientists, all are wanderers with a tale to tell.

Series editors, James O’Reilly and Larry Habegger, first worked together as late night disc jockeys at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. They wrote mystery serials for the San Francisco Examiner in the early 1980s before turning to travel writing. Since 1983, their travel features and syndicated column, “World Travel Watch,” have appeared in magazines and newspapers in the United States and other countries.

They have traveled extensively throughout the world, from the Canadian Arctic to the Borneo rain forest, from the Himalayas to the Dead Sea. They have spent time with heads of state and retired headhunters, and bring a unique blend of humor and insight to their work.

Sean O’Reilly is a former seminarian, stockbroker, and bank slave who lives in Arizona with his wife Brenda and their three small boys. Widely traveled in Europe, he most recently spent time roaming East Africa and the Indian Ocean.