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The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 11

The Best Women's Travel Writing, Volume 11 presents stimulating, inspiring, and uplifting adventures from women who have traveled to the ends of the earth to discover new places, peoples, and facets of themselves. The common threads connecting these stories are a female perspective and fresh, compelling storytelling to make the reader laugh, weep, wish she were there, or be glad she wasn't. The 31 true travel stories in this year's collection are, as always, wildly diverse in theme and location. They tell of places like California and Cuba, Switzerland and Singapore, Iran and Iceland, Montana and Mexico and Mongolia and Mali, our own back yards and some of the farthest, most extreme corners of the world. They are the personal stories we can't help but collect when we travel, stories of reaching out to embrace the unfamiliar and creating cross-cultural connections while learning more about ourselves.

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Wake Up and Smell the Shit

WUSS_Front Cover-webSTAND BACK! The 31 tales in this raunchy round-the-world romp might get you dirty.

We've all had unspeakable experiences while traveling that we're ashamed to admit, but these often become our best stories in the re-telling. The writers in this collection cast inhibition aside and reveal their weirdest and worst moments and how they made the best of them. And memorable moments in exotic destinations come in all shapes and sizes: insects as big as Pam Anderson’s left tit, regrettable sex, stink-eyed officials, horrible healers, Lady Gaga’s shoes and Madonna’s special meal, trigger-happy militants, and peeping Tom rock stars.

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Mousejunkies! 3rd Edition

Mousejunkies! 3rd EditionMousejunkies! is a laugh-filled alternative to your standard WDW travel book.”
—Jim Hill, Jim Hill Media

“Bill Burke is a master storyteller who can take the reader on a rewarding journey on everyday events.”
Parenting Media Association

Where should you turn if you want the best inside information for your Walt Disney World vacation? Why, to the fanatics who go year after year, several times a year, who spend all their waking hours planning their next trip and devising strategies to make the most of their time there—for them it’s not a vacation, it’s a way of life. That’s right, you’d turn to the Mousejunkies!

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Shopping for Buddhas: An Adventure in Nepal

Shopping for Buddhas25th Anniversary Edition!

“A wonderful travel companion for anyone who wants to view afresh the wonders and oddess of humankind.” — Amy Tan

“Asia is a mythical jubilee,” writes Jeff Greenwald, “full of characters more strange and entertaining than anything you’ll find in Star Wars.” On his quest for the perfect Buddha statue, Greenwald treks to a lofty nunnery to meet “one of the most powerful women in Tibet—known to fly through the air.” He visits Kathmandu’s first indoor shopping mall (where a ride on the country’s first escalator is a near-religious event), and befriends a sly ...

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Deer Hunting in Paris

Deer Hunting in ParisDeer Hunting in Paris is an unexpectedly funny exploration of a vanishing way of life in a complex, cosmopolitan world. Sneezing madly from hay fever, a Korean-American preacher’s daughter refuses to get married, travels the world, and ends up learning how to hunt from her boyfriend’s conservative family. As she navigates the perils of an unlikely romantic relationship from Paris, France, to Paris, Maine, Paula Young Lee skewers human foibles while she celebrates hunting, DIY food culture, and what it means to be a carnivore.

She finds herself trying to keep from being “mistaken” for a deer and getting shot at the clothesline, while also avoiding becoming dinner for bears. Along the way, this former vegetarian finds lessons about life, love, and loss in a hacksaw and a haunch of venison.

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Leave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana

iguan_s Leave the Lipstick, Take the Iguana is the 9th book in the best-selling Travelers' Tales humor series, which began with There's No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled and blossomed into a classic "underwear" women's humor series, including Sand in My Bra and The Thong Also Rises. This laugh-out-loud collection will resonate with experienced travelers and novices alike and includes hilarious misadventures with packing, border crossings, travel fashion, language faux pas, weird food encounters, and romantic overtures abroad.

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Kin to the Wind

kin-to-the-wind“A most diverting and picaresque tale, one that reads like a sentimental journey of a hundred years ago.” —the late Norman Cousins In the early 1960s, a young, self-taught musician set out to travel the world with no money, equipped only with his guitar, his voice, and his belief in the goodness of people. Along the way, blown by the winds of fortune, guided by instinct, he played for kings and paupers, soldiers and servants, artists and terrorists. His name is Moro Buddy Bohn, and his unlikely and powerful story will uplift you and inspire you to live the life you want. His audiences have included Queen Elizabeth II of England, King Frederick IX of Denmark, Pablo Picasso ...

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Cruise Confidential: a hit below the waterline

Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below The Waterline“Part Love Boat, part Mutiny on the Bounty, Cruise Confidential does for cruising what Animal House did for higher education.” —J. Maarten Troost, author of The Sex Lives of Cannibals Cruise Confidential is a delightfully funny, wild, and romantic adventure that reveals what it's really like working on a cruise ship. Brian David Bruns worked for a year in the ships' restaurants and his account will astonish you as you are assaulted with circumstances ranging from the absurd to the bizarre. Did you know that waiters are required to steal cutlery and even food from each other for their own guests? Can you imagine what the crew thinks of the passengers? And sex, don't forget the sex ...

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More Sand in My Bra

moresand_sWe giggled all the way to the beach reading Jen Leo’s women’s travel/humor anthology Sand in My Bra, nearly laughed our britches off perusing Whose Panties Are These?, cracked up over The Thong Also Rises, and enjoyed even more hilarity when What Color is Your Jockstrap? transformed the “Leo trio” into a coed quartet. Fans feared that this fabulously funny “Empire of the Underwear” series might come to an end right then and there, but no way Jose! Jen along with fellow travel writer and misadventure enthusiast, Julia Weiler, just couldn't resist all those requests to keep the comedy coming. So slip on your sarong, slap on some sin-block, and get ready for the funniest beach read this season with More Sand in My Bra: Funny Women Write from the Road, Again!

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Not So Funny When It Happened

Not So Funny When It Happened"One funny-bone volume." —Chicago Tribune Some of the best adventure stories come from misadventures-the pratfalls, faux pas, and vast embarrassments encountered on the road. These tales share those moments when the best of plans fall to the wayside-replaced by something unforeseen, and leavened by the saving grace of it all, a sense of humor. On this hilarious journey, you will:

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What Color Is Your Jockstrap?


Encore to Jennifer Leo's bestselling travel humor books

Balls-Out Travel!

This time, it’s the battle of the sexes

You cackled at Sand in My Bra, sent Whose Panties Are These? to friends, thumbed past the bikini beauty on The Thong Also Rises to see what other Ms-Adventures were possible. We thought we’d stop before you cracked a rib, but you told us loud and clear that we couldn’t. We shouldn’t. No way, José. So, in the grand tradition of trilogies, there must be a fourth. But what else could we do? Jen Leo went on the hunt, and what she found...

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There’s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled



"Anyone who plans to travel should read this book. And then stay home." —Dave Barry

Caught with your pants down? Don't worry you're not alone!

As everyone who's left their backyard knows, funny things happen when you hit the road in search of adventure. This collection of stories captures the wacky and bizarre adventures of great writers whose travels have not gone according to plan. But when things go wrong, their senses of humor come to the rescue.

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The Thong Also Rises



Travel girls gone wild! It's not about their underwear, it's about gut-busting adventures. These funny women on the road just can't stop laughing about the global messes they get themselves into. In The Thong Also Rises, Jen Leo brings you dozens of crazy Ms.-Adventures from Egypt to South Dakota and back home again. On a coffee break, right before bed, waiting for the bus, or hiding in the bathroom—howl, cry, guffaw, and commiserate with these adventuresses.
  • Go to the bathroom with a pig in your face with Megan Lyles in India
  • Congratulate the naked bride and groom on Valentine’s Day in Jamaica with Elizabeth Asdorian...

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Whose Panties Are These?

panties_sSand in My Bra and Other Misadventures won thousands of fans with its outrageous tales of women’s travels. This new collection from the Mistress of Misadventure, award-winning editor Jennifer L. Leo, is loaded with more hilarious stories from women who have gone to the ends of the earth only to hear the sniggering of the cosmos. From an African village to the Great Wall of China, these stories that weren’t so funny when they happened will prove once again that travel, like laughter, is the best medicine.

  • Discover the sex appeal of a big butt with Wendy Soref in Senegal
  • Board “The Barf Boat” in Cape Verde with Karla Zimmerman
  • Learn Lara Ephron’s secret for keeping perverts at bay on Japanese subways...

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Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why

Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know WhyHave you ever had the feeling the world was laughing at you—or at least smirking—as you bumbled your way through a foreign land? Did time slow down, your face turn red, and sweat leap from every pore as you wished fervently you could just say, "Beam me up, Scotty"? Laugh at these authors in their shame and be glad that you were not there with them as they muddled their way through embarrassing situations and ghastly faux pas.

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Sand In My Bra & Other Misadventures

Sand In My Bra & Other MisadventuresFunny Women Have More Fun… Travel isn’t always what we dream it will be, but oh…the stories we can tell later! For the 29 women in this book, packing a sense of humor was essential to the success of their trips. From Australia to Zambia, Thailand to Kuwait, the true stories in Sand in My Bra will not only have you shaking your head in disbelief, they’ll induce smiles, groans, cackles, and guffaws.

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Last Trout in Venice

Last Trout in VeniceWith an insatiable hunger for the absurd, Doug Lansky takes the reader on a global odyssey. Whether visiting the notoriously erotic Kit Kat Club in Berlin or bellhopping at an underwater hotel, Lansky takes on the world with pluck, irreverence, and a great sense of humor. "Lansky brings indefatigable good cheer and a sense of wonder and curiousity to the task that is entirely inappropriate for a man of his age. Which is very good news for his fans!" - Rudy Maxa, host, "The Savvy Traveler" "Traveling with Doug Lansky might result in a considerably shortened life expectancy. . . but what a way to go." - Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet Publications

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