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Concerned about traveling safely? World Travel Watch reports on developments that affect travelers around the globe, from crime waves, disease outbreaks, and transit strikes to political upheaval and cultural quirks. Larry Habegger and James O'Reilly have been reporting on such issues for major newspapers since 1985. They have traveled to more than fifty countries, from equatorial jungle to the Arctic, from the Himalayas to the Dead Sea. Because conditions can change overnight, always make your own inquiries before you leave home, and if possible, when you're on the road.

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Tom Miller in Cuba, TT Cuba Back in Stock
Everybody’s getting into the Cuba act these days, and now with regulations allowing solo trips, it’s easier than ever. Tom Miller, editor of TT Cuba (back in stock!), served as the "expert" for Times Journeys, an offshoot of The New York Times, on its recent nine-day trip to Cuba. The Daily Beast chose Miller’s book Trading with the Enemy: A Yankee Travels through Castro’s Cuba as one of the five best books about the island.

Both of his Cuba books will be featured at Queen Anne Books in Seattle when Miller gives a reading and hosts a discussion about Cuba July 20. He has visited Cuba annually since 1987. Miller, whose travel books cover the American Southwest and Latin America, will be teaching a travel writing class at this summer's Port Townsend Writers' Conference (July 9-19).

Solas Awards Winners
The editors of Travelers' Tales announced the winners of the Ninth Annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Story of the Year on March 1. Grand Prize winner Amy Gigi Alexander collected $1,000 for “Oranges and Roses,” her extraordinary account of being embraced by Senegalese immigrants in Paris and indigenous people in Panama. Katherine Jamieson won the silver award and $750 for “Remember This Night,” her funny and evocative tale of pizza night with a family in Guyana. Erin Byrne took the bronze and $500 for “Deep Travel, Notre Dame,” her introspective exploration of Paris’s famous cathedral and the personal tensions it represents. See the complete list of winners at

100 Places in France a NY Times Best Seller, Featured on Vogue, Vanity Fair
It's been a busy couple of months for 100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go. First it made the New York Times Travel Best Seller List, then was featured on Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Travel + Leisure. Author Marcia DeSanctis is is sharing her wisdom and love of France at many venues around the country. Find out where, and check out her book.

Stories for the Holidays: Tales To Go No. 10
Issue No. 10 of our subscription publication for iPhone and iPad, Tales To Go, is now available on the App Store. Download the app and the first issue free, then subscribe to receive four inspiring, transformative travel stories every month. Again, try it free—we think you’ll be hooked.

Deer Hunting in Paris Wins Lowell Thomas Award!
Paula Young Lee's Deer Hunting in Paris won a Lowell Thomas Gold for Best Travel Book of the Year. It's a well-deserved honor for a wonderful book and extraordinary writer. The judges say: "Eudora Welty, who believes all good writing must have it, speaks of the sound of a voice. And what a voice here! Resonant with images and descriptions, detailed observation and reporting, it soars..."

25 Years Later, Shopping for Buddhas Returns!
Jeff Greenwald's beloved book about Nepal, Shopping for Buddhas, is back in print in a 25th anniversary edition. Follow him on his quest for the perfect Buddha statue in the back alleys of Kathmandu and learn why this story is as fresh and entertaining today as it was when it first appeared 25 years ago.

Reviewer Loves 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go
We couldn't agree more with Jessie Voigts in her review of Sophia Dembling's 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go. The book shines a light on this country's top attractions, quirky sites, and lesser-known wonders. Pick up a copy today and start rediscovering the USA.

Ghost Dance in Berlin Wins IPPY Award
Ghost Dance in Berlin by Peter Wortsman won the the Silver medal in the Travel Essay category in the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY). Read a sample chapter here.

Eighth Annual Solas Awards Winners Announced
The TT editors announced the winners of the Eighth Annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Story of the Year on March 1. Congratulations go to Grand Prize winner Bill Giebler, who collected $1,000 for "The Tea in Me," his compelling story about travels in India where he sees his life revealed through the processing of tea. Lisa Alpine won the silver award and $750 for "Fish Trader Ray," her quirky tale of Amazon adventure and the characters she met there. James Michael Dorsey and Keith Skinner shared the bronze and won $250 each, James for "From the Ashes," his haunting tale of a Cambodian Buddhist monk who survived the Pol Pot genocide, Keith for "Inside the Tower," his moving account of a visit to the home of the late poet Robinson Jeffers. Read these stories below or at Look for the other stories on both websites soon. Visit for more about the awards and a complete list of winners.

Deer Hunting in Paris!
The poignant, hilarious, and gritty memoir Deer Hunting in Paris by Paula Young Lee is available in both print and ebook editions. Follow along as this Korean-American former vegetarian preacher's daughter learns about love, hunting, DIY food culture, and dressing a kill.

Fresh Look at Berlin Old and New
Ghost Dance in Berlin is an unlikely declaration of love by the American-born son of German-speaking Jewish refugees. Peter Wortsman dances back and forth over invisible borderlines between present and past, drawing a poignant portrait of Germany's most storied city.

Inspiring Memoir: Kin to the Wind
In the early 1960s, a self-taught musician set out to travel the world with no money, following the grand tradition of the troubadour. With faith in the goodness of people, Moro Buddy Bohn played for the famous (Queen Elizabeth, Pablo Picasso) and the unknown, and his picaresque tale is the stuff of dreams. Engaging, charming, sometimes frightening but always good humored, Kin to the Wind will redeem your faith in humanity.

Author Interview: Susan Van Allen in Italy
In an interview with Traveler's Library, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go author Susan Van Allen shares how Italy has changed and remained the same over thirty years of her travels and the must reads in a travel library on Italy.

TT Writers Interviewed
Stephanie Elizondo Griest, author of 100 Places Every Woman Should Go and editor of one edition of The Best Women's Travel Writing, has interviewed 13 of the writers who contributed stories to the collection. Stop by Stephanie's blog for some good conversation about writing and travel.

Great Reviews for Rolf Potts and Marco Polo Didn't Go There
Rory MacLean reviewed Marco Polo Didn't Go There in The Guardian, Outside Online did a Q&A with Rolf, and the San Jose Mercury-News ran an interview and a series of Rolf's tips.