Call it fate, or a coincidence, but at a time when we could all use some relief from our nation’s soap opera, Travelers’ Tales serves it up! America: True Stories of Life on the Road is the perfect antidote to the constant reportage of Washington’s underbelly.

America draws a portrait of the nation through tales of travelers who have traversed the breadth and depth of America the beautiful. In every case, the writers have found something sufficiently exciting, beautiful, moving, disturbing or funny to take the enormous trouble of writing well about their experience. America proves that America is stranger than you think.

Travel with:

  • Sue Hubbell to Colon, (pronounce kah lone) MI, where the town population doubles late every summer as magicians from around the world gather to learn tricks, show off, and buy gadgets
  • Calvin Trillin to New Orleans to devour a tasty plate of rodent
  • Charles Kuralt to Ely, MN where everybody named Charles is called “Chuck”

To touch every quirky corner and truly know America is just too great a task for any one traveler. So sit back and relax. With more than fifty stories America: True Stories of Life on the Road presents a snapshot of a country in motion. From many comes one.

Other best-selling authors you’ll find in this book: E. Annie Proulx, Jim Harrison, Andrei Codrescu, Kathleen Norris, Jan Morris, Sallie Tisdale, Dave Barry and James Fallows.

About the Editor: Fred Setterberg is the author of The Roads Taken: Travels Through America’s Literary Landscapes which won the Associated Writing Program’s award in creative nonfiction. The book’s paperback edition is published by Interlink Books. His articles, essays, and stories have appeared in a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, Mother Jones, The Nation, The Utne Reader, The Iowa Review, The Georgia Review, and The High Plains Literary Review. He is the recipient of numerous journalism awards and a creative writing fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

America: True Stories of Life on the Road
Edited by Fred Setterberg
$19.95, 528 pages, paperback
Publication Date: February 1999