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Barbara J. Euser is a former political officer with the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State. In 1993, she sailed her family’s boat Islander across the Atlantic to take her post in the political section of the U.S. Embassy in Paris. When she and her husband took Islander through the rivers and canals of France, she began dreaming of traveling through the canals in a boat built for that purpose. She realized her dream and now plies the Canal du Midi in Lurley. As a director of the International Community Development Foundation, she has worked on projects in Bosnia, Somaliland, Zimbabwe, India and Nepal. Her articles and essays have appeared in magazines and anthologies. She is the author of Children of Dolpo; Somaliland; Take ‘Em Along: Sharing the Wilderness with Your Children; co-author of A Climber’s Climber: On the Trail with Carl Blaurock; editor of Bay Area Gardening and Gardening Among Friends. She lives near San Francisco with her husband. They have two grown daughters.

Venturing in Italy



Venturing in Italy is as romantic and entertaining as it is informative. A great read for Italophiles and armchair travelers alike.” —Alison Biggar, editor, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine Venturing in Italy: Travels in Puglia, Land between Two Seas is filled with true stories that explore every aspect of this fascinating region. From the fairy tale trullis of Alberobello to the mussel farms of Taranto, an intrepid group of writers explore Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy. This narrow peninsula has been inhabited since Neolithic times when hunters painted in caves now accessible only by boat...
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Venturing in Ireland



"These writers have wonderful stories to tell. I am proud they chose my homeland for their unique gathering and even prouder that the resulting book demonstrates the power of place in inspiring imaginations and nurturing creative souls." —Maureen Wheeler, Lonely Planet Publications Venturing in Ireland is filled with true stories that transport the reader to the southwest region of the Emerald Isle...
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Venturing in Southern Greece



Venturing in Southern Greece is filled with essays that transport the reader to the territory once roamed by Homer’s Odysseus. The Cyclops no longer terrifies the inhabitants of Elafanisos, an island now memorable for its beaches and tavernas. Monemvasia’s citadel is in ruins, but the town and surrounding vineyards thrive. This anthology explores aspects of life in the region from award-winning wineries to hiking trails, from household olive groves to ancient ruins. The writers plunge into Greek village life with abandon, learning to sing Greek folksongs and to dance to the bazouki.
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Gardening Among Friends

Gardening Among Friends

Get the Real Dirt from Master Gardeners

Reading Gardening Among Friends is like participating in a friendly conversation with a group of Master Gardeners. Join us as we discuss:      
  • What is a habitat garden? What changes can I make to my own garden to attract butterflies? Hummingbirds? Songbirds? Pollinators?
  • How can I have a beautiful garden with a minimum investment of time? Is it possible to have a luxuriance without facing an exorbitant water bill? What species of plants can thrive with low water and low maintenance?
  • Where did some of the most popular and beloved plants come from? What were they used for in earlier times? Is there such a thing as an easy-to-grow orchid? Can I incorporate any of these plants into my own garden?
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Floating through France

Floating through France"Floating through France is a feast for the senses, a peaceful break from the complexities of the world." —Arlene Blum, author of Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life Of the millions of travelers who visit France each year, relatively few venture along the Canal du Midi in Southern France. Completed in 1681, the canal that joined the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea—and for that reason also known as the Canal des Deux Mers—is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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