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In Search of The Scream in Norway

By Chris Epting


In my mind, travelers are hunters. What do you hunt for when you travel? Experiences, people, souvenirs? We all hunt for something.

I hunt for places.

We were in Oslo, Norway, my teenaged son and I, spending a few days before hopping a ship with Quark Expeditions to explore around the Arctic archipelago called

In Search of The Scream in Norway2017-04-24T02:32:18-07:00

Let’s Spend the Night Together

by Chris Epting

He goes in search of rock star rooms with a grisly past, or “places to check out”—permanently.

When booking a hotel room, what drives your decision? Price? Location? Size? Amenities? I’m drawn to rooms based less on the usual factors. For me, the most seductive quality in a room is if something notable

Let’s Spend the Night Together2017-04-24T02:32:31-07:00