Christine Hunsicker

About Christine Hunsicker

The first five years of Christine Hunsicker's life were spent in New York City watching a pair of semi-retired attack dogs in a neighboring yard trying to tear down the flimsy fence protecting her house. At this point she did not care for dogs too much. However, when the family moved to the suburbs and adopted a boxer puppy from a neighborhood litter, she grew out of her fear of dogs as quickly as Duke grew into ninety pounds of drooling fun and affection. Thus began her life-long passion for dogs. After remaining dogless just long enough to get through college and the first of many years of book publishing experience in Boston, Christine headed to California. There she spent several years as a sales representative traveling around the western United States with her shepherd-lab, Arthur, who never met a bookseller he didn’t lick. These days Christine works for a non-profit organization that provides services to seniors, including Pet Meals on Wheels, and she is an editor at Crestport Press publishing company. She remains a passionate pooch person.

It’s a Dog’s World

It's a Dog's World“Splendid stories for those who love dogs, adventure, and good writing.” —New York Post There is no more heart-wrenching sight than the look on your dog’s face as you head out the door on a trip. Here is a collection of great writing by dog lovers who didn’t say good-bye, but who packed the dog toys and took Spike with them—as well as stories by travelers who made new canine friends on the road.

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