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Showdown at the West Esplanade Canal

by Darrin DuFord

Can two hundred tons of chili save a city?

Exciting events are not supposed to happen in the suburbs. I mean, what would the neighbors think?

So I wondered what the neighbors thought as I cruised past their curtained living rooms while shell casings flew in front of my nose. It was midnight and

Showdown at the West Esplanade Canal2017-04-24T02:32:27-07:00

Subdued by Street Vendors

by Darrin DuFord

A gastronomic exploration of Nicaragua’s post-war highlands reveals renewed talent for suckling and a stubborn joie de vivre.

“Chicken, chicken, soda, soda!”

I was sweating in a parked bus, serenaded by barks from Managua’s take on curb service. I didn’t believe the vendors would be able to stand tall enough to push their products

Subdued by Street Vendors2017-04-24T02:32:29-07:00

Comb of Rebellion

by Darrin DuFord

Sometimes it takes a machete.

Three dollars. It can’t even get you a beer in a New York City bar. But it’s the going rate for a haircut in Panama City. Peppered all over the El Cangrejo neighborhood, the barbershops, too many for the available number of scalps, all advertise the same rate.

Comb of Rebellion2017-04-24T02:32:32-07:00