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Doug Lansky got his start in the copy room at Late Night with David Letterman during his college days. From there he took to the road and wrote a syndicated travel column that grew to reach over 10 million readers in 40 major newspapers. He has taught journalism at Colorado College, published several books, hosted an hour long travel documentary for the Discovery Channel / Travel Channel, and served as the regular world-travel expert on Public Radio's flagship travel program, The Savvy Traveler. Doug's books have won several awards, and his most recent, First Time: Around the World, is a Rough Guides bestseller. Doug is working on two books for RG while he tours on the lecture circuit and contributes to Esquire, National Geographic Adventure and other publications. To date, he has been on the road for roughly 10 years in over 100 countries.

There’s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled



"Anyone who plans to travel should read this book. And then stay home." —Dave Barry

Caught with your pants down? Don't worry you're not alone!

As everyone who's left their backyard knows, funny things happen when you hit the road in search of adventure. This collection of stories captures the wacky and bizarre adventures of great writers whose travels have not gone according to plan. But when things go wrong, their senses of humor come to the rescue.
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Last Trout in Venice

Last Trout in VeniceWith an insatiable hunger for the absurd, Doug Lansky takes the reader on a global odyssey. Whether visiting the notoriously erotic Kit Kat Club in Berlin or bellhopping at an underwater hotel, Lansky takes on the world with pluck, irreverence, and a great sense of humor. "Lansky brings indefatigable good cheer and a sense of wonder and curiousity to the task that is entirely inappropriate for a man of his age. Which is very good news for his fans!" - Rudy Maxa, host, "The Savvy Traveler" "Traveling with Doug Lansky might result in a considerably shortened life expectancy. . . but what a way to go." - Tony Wheeler, Lonely Planet Publications

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