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The Train at Night

by Gina Briefs-Elgin

Sleeping on a train can be a mystical experience, or a challenging one.

According to Hasidic tradition, thirty-six “saints” (lamed vavnik) are hidden in the world at all times, holding it together through their secret good deeds. Disguised as socially marginal figures—peasants, porters, and homeless, nameless wanderers—they appear among strangers and, through their

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The Cherub

by Gina Briefs-Elgin
It’s hard to know what will push you over the edge.
After my mother’s memorial Mass, a young friend confided that my mother had taught her an important life lesson: never serve cantaloupe on an orange-colored plate. I could just hear my mother: “Oh! not that color, dear,” my mother would have told her,
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