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Beyond Thunder

by Jeffe Aronson

Searching for light miles underground.

Autumn, 1976

The air is cool, damp. The walls coated with long undisturbed, powder-like talc, virtually liquid. My feet sense every irregularity of the limestone floor through the thin plastic soles of Chinese slippers. I cannot tell where the water is–the pools mere phantoms, perfectly clear, perfectly calm, air

Beyond Thunder2017-04-24T02:32:25-07:00

Sinyala Fault

by Jeffe Aronson

The Grand Canyon is no place to be sick, lost, and alone.

I glance back uphill at the slowly disappearing shape of Alan, where I left him perched on an overhanging rock ledge, sketching the remote and incomprehensible landscape visible from the tip of Great Thumb Mesa. Part of the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Sinyala Fault2017-04-24T02:32:25-07:00