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About Jennifer Bové

Growing up, Jennifer Bové lived in Missouri and Colorado, and she traveled with her family to many wild corners of the continental U.S. Along the way she caught a serious case of wanderlust, learning just how easy (and how hard) it can be to fall in love with every place you go. After graduating from the University of Missouri, Jennifer and her husband-to-be Chris packed up their degrees and headed west to pursue a nomadic, competitive, and often extraordinary career in field biology. They’ve wandered back and forth along the Lewis and Clark Trail, studying everything from skinks to salmon and searching for a place to settle down. In recent years, Jennifer ventured into the uncharted territory of full-time motherhood, and parenthood has proven to be a wild and challenging adventure of its own. Her daughters Rita and Sophie are eagerly awaiting a new sibling, due to arrive next summer. Jennifer’s writing has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. Her first anthology, The Back Road to Crazy: Stories From the Field, was published by the University of Utah Press in February, 2005. She dreams of growing up to be a children's book writer/illustrator and successful business owner.

Wild with Child

wwc_s“Kids are natural born adventurers, just itching to get outside. Open the door and follow them out.” —from the Foreword by Mark Jenkins, author of The Hard Way There’s nothing tame about being a parent! Are you eager to set off with your family into the great outdoors, where wild weather, rugged roads, and creepy critters sometimes call the shots? The families in this rough-and-ready collection of true stories do just that. Whether they are just starting on the path of wild parenting or looking back at the trail taken, they don’t accept Disneyland as the final frontier.

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A Mile in Her Boots

boots_s"A delightful addition to the literature of women and wilderness." — Annick Smith, author of Homestead. Work Awhile on the Wild Side! Beyond the bounds of society’s more common professions, women are tackling tests of courage and stamina. They’re employed as pilots, park rangers, scientists, and smokejumpers, and their work requires the guts to get up in the morning and face whatever whim Mother Nature has to offer. It's not about showing up the guys, the real challenge for these women is breaking ground within themselves because they love what they do. In this unique collection, editor Jennifer Bové introduces you to 28 professional outdoorswomen, each of whom extends her hand and welcomes you to explore the gritty details of her trade. Tighten up your bootlaces and come along!

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