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Jennifer L. Leo is a magnet for misadventure and always ready to gamble on having a good time. She is the editor of the best-selling Travelers' Tales women's humor series, including the award-winning Sand in My Bra, Whose Panties Are These?, The Thong Also Rises, and What Color is Your Jockstrap? Her writing can be found in several books, magazines, and websites. Her blog,, was named one of Writers Digest's 101 Best Websites for Writers, and a favorite among the editors at Frommer's. In 2005, Jen moved to Las Vegas to watch the 2005 World Series of Poker and fell in love with both the poker world, and a poker player. Now she is the author of Night + Day Las Vegas,, and a columnist for BLUFF and Women Poker Player. She aspires to be the Rachel Ray of the gambling world, and bounces between Los Angeles and Las Vegas enjoying her fabulous poker scenester life. Check in with to find out what she's up to next.

Fancy Pants Contest Winner Announced

What kind of women go out and buy new underwear, decorate it with pens, sequins, charms, feathers, candy, horseshoes, fortune cookies, TV remote controls, and anything else you can think of to attract attention, then put it in the mail, sometimes send it airmail across oceans, just to get a free book? Fun women! Travel

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What Color Is Your Jockstrap?


Encore to Jennifer Leo's bestselling travel humor books

Balls-Out Travel!

This time, it’s the battle of the sexes

You cackled at Sand in My Bra, sent Whose Panties Are These? to friends, thumbed past the bikini beauty on The Thong Also Rises to see what other Ms-Adventures were possible. We thought we’d stop before you cracked a rib, but you told us loud and clear that we couldn’t. We shouldn’t. No way, José. So, in the grand tradition of trilogies, there must be a fourth. But what else could we do? Jen Leo went on the hunt, and what she found...
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The Thong Also Rises



Travel girls gone wild! It's not about their underwear, it's about gut-busting adventures. These funny women on the road just can't stop laughing about the global messes they get themselves into. In The Thong Also Rises, Jen Leo brings you dozens of crazy Ms.-Adventures from Egypt to South Dakota and back home again. On a coffee break, right before bed, waiting for the bus, or hiding in the bathroom—howl, cry, guffaw, and commiserate with these adventuresses.
  • Go to the bathroom with a pig in your face with Megan Lyles in India
  • Congratulate the naked bride and groom on Valentine’s Day in Jamaica with Elizabeth Asdorian...
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Whose Panties Are These?

panties_sSand in My Bra and Other Misadventures won thousands of fans with its outrageous tales of women’s travels. This new collection from the Mistress of Misadventure, award-winning editor Jennifer L. Leo, is loaded with more hilarious stories from women who have gone to the ends of the earth only to hear the sniggering of the cosmos. From an African village to the Great Wall of China, these stories that weren’t so funny when they happened will prove once again that travel, like laughter, is the best medicine.

  • Discover the sex appeal of a big butt with Wendy Soref in Senegal
  • Board “The Barf Boat” in Cape Verde with Karla Zimmerman
  • Learn Lara Ephron’s secret for keeping perverts at bay on Japanese subways...
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