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About Joel L. Widzer

Joel L. Widzer’s travels have taken him to more than a hundred countries, logging over 250,000 air miles a year, and accumulating more than 3 million frequent-flyer miles. Joel has developed the unique ability to approach travel from the point of view of a consumer as well as from a business perspective. He regularly speaks to travelers and business people, sharing the secrets of crisscrossing the world in luxury while paying coach prices. A sought-after speaker and media presence, Joel’s innovative approach to travel has received extensive media coverage. He has appeared on CBS, NBC, and ABC networks, MSNBC News Network, The FOX News Channel, The Travel Channel, The Today Show, CNN, Inside Edition, and in print media including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. He writes regular travel columns for MSNBC and Forbes. Joel holds a doctoral degree in the field of industrial organizational psychology. When Joel is not off on one of his many global journeys, he takes to the skies as an instrument-rated pilot. More information on Joel and The Penny Pincher’s Passport to Luxury Travel can be found at and Joel is based in Southern California.

The Myth of Bad Airline Service

Everyone talks about bad airline service. But what about good service?

The nation’s newspapers, web bloggers, and airwaves are full of stories about the plummeting state of flying. Every day, my e-mail in-box fills with airline horror stories. So I wonder: am I the luckiest person in world? For me, air travel is not that bad.


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Most Business Friendly Hotel Chains

When you travel on a business trip you want a competitive edge, and having all the tools readily available at your hotel can help you leapfrog the competition.


  1. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
    Offer best rate guarantee and many properties offer business center with internet access for no additional charge.
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Important Questions to Ask at the Rental Car Counter

Renting a car on your next business trip? Make sure you know the answers to these questions.


  1. When do I need to return the car?
    Car rental companies charge you in 24 hour increments based on the time you picked up the vehicle. Most companies allow a 45 minute grace period beyond your return time, but exceed
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Top Ways To Get a Hotel Room Upgrade

One of the biggest hotel aggravations is knowing that while you’re crammed into a closet, luxury suites sit empty. Here are a few tips for getting luxurious upgrades.


  1. Book direct
    When you book your hotel rooms directly you do the hotel a favor by saving them distribution or commission cost. They often return the favor in terms
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Top Ways To Get a Rental Car Upgrade

When you’re on the road making sales calls or taking clients out to eat, a nice rental car makes a great impression and also adds joy to your driving experience. Here are a few tips to get the most car for your dollar.


  1. Build your loyalty
    Join a car rental membership program. Members can by-pass the check-in
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