About Julia Weiler & Jennifer L. Leo

Julia Weiler is a writer, editor, and photographer whose passion for travel and audacious spirit has her busy making the world a funnier place one misadventure at a time. She is currently in cahoots with her husband to escape the work-a-day lifestyle and embark on a long-term adventure of railing, sailing, hoofing, WWOOF-ing (Willing Workers On Organic Farms or World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), biking, hiking, driving, diving, blogging, and vlogging their way around the globe. Read all about her far-flung faux pas in The Thong Also Rises, What Color is Your Jockstrap?, and online at www.juliaweiler.com.

More Sand in My Bra

moresand_sWe giggled all the way to the beach reading Jen Leo’s women’s travel/humor anthology Sand in My Bra, nearly laughed our britches off perusing Whose Panties Are These?, cracked up over The Thong Also Rises, and enjoyed even more hilarity when What Color is Your Jockstrap? transformed the “Leo trio” into a coed quartet. Fans feared that this fabulously funny “Empire of the Underwear” series might come to an end right then and there, but no way Jose! Jen along with fellow travel writer and misadventure enthusiast, Julia Weiler, just couldn't resist all those requests to keep the comedy coming. So slip on your sarong, slap on some sin-block, and get ready for the funniest beach read this season with More Sand in My Bra: Funny Women Write from the Road, Again!

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