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Into Borneo

by Ken Matusow

He did his best to get away from it all.

Yogya was stifling. The heat and humidity of central Java was always difficult to endure. But it was more than that. I was being smothered by the cloying banality of the Yogya traveler scene. Along the tiny alleyways of Gang Sosrowijayan, embedded within

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by Ken Matusow
The secret to navigating West Africa is its people.

The first time I saw Grandpere he was sitting on a stoop inside the courtyard of a dilapidated hotel in the suburbs of Bamako, the capital of the West African country of Mali. My first impression was one of surprise. He looked young,


Kilimanjaro Dreams

by Ken Matusow
Strange things happen in the thin air of high altitude.
Do you believe that dreams come true? With a graduate degree in applied mathematics and a career in computer science, I generally don’t. But many years ago I had a strange experience, so odd that the details remain fresh in my mind.

On the morning

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