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Manhauling From The Right Side of The Brain


By Karen Joyce

Eighteenth Annual Solas Awards Gold Winner in the Bad Trip category

It was a typical Sunday at McMurdo Station, Antarctica: cement-grey skies and a thirty-knot katabatic heading straight at us from the South Pole. All week long we’d worked our 10-hours days with the mid-summer November skies a clear cerulean blue, with hardly a breath of wind. And now of course, Sunday: our only day off, always with this misery weather. Read full story
Manhauling From The Right Side of The Brain2024-05-07T22:40:57-07:00

Meeting Baba Yaga


By Elizabeth Van Zandt

 Eighteenth Annual Solas AwardsGold Winner in the Most Unforgettable Character Category   It’s evening, and I’m sitting at a café table alongside the cobbled main street of the ancient village of Sarlat. While I wait for my dinner to arrive, I sip a glass of Bordeaux, enjoying the mellow taste and the soft hum of French coming from nearby tables. “Hello.”  I look up and there stands Rayna, the only other American in town and the last person I really want to see. Read full story
Meeting Baba Yaga2024-05-03T08:39:52-07:00



By Heather Corrigan Phillips

Eighteenth Annual Solas Awards Gold Winner in the Travel & Transformation Category

Beneath the low staccato of whispered Arabic, it was unmistakable, that look of derision: a sidelong glance, subtle tilt of head, and subsequent eye roll to the girl in the row next to her. That flush of intimacy between two girls sharing a cruel secret. A young girl’s mockery is apparent in any language, it seems. Read full story

Escaping Firecrackers in the Desert


By Lisa VanderVeen

Gold Solas Award Winner in the Adventure Travel category

The night is black. I can’t read your features, but I know you’re scowling. We’ve been held captive behind your blockade for the past six hours and we’ve found a way around it. You threw rocks at the car that came to rescue us and now I’m running to it, through the frigid Bolivian desert, clinging to my suitcase. We don’t speak a word to each other–I don’t speak Spanish, and you don’t speak English. Your anger transcends words, though, and in the end, I understand: It’s not about me. I’m a pawn, and I’m terrified. Read full story
Escaping Firecrackers in the Desert2024-04-03T17:27:47-07:00

Little Paris


by Taylor Jennings

Eighteenth Annual Solas Award Silver Winner in the Destination category

Dracula’s castle. I could just see it perched on the top of the hill. Not an ominous silhouette for a sunny day in Transylvania, where it’s known as Castle Bran, the reputed home of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stocker’s classic tale.  Here I was at the beginning of the 21st Century to investigate a plan by Romania’s Ministry of Tourismto transform the medieval castle into a million-dollar Dracula theme park. It was an irresistible story for the foreign press, including me, but Ruxandra, my Romanian friend and colleague, said it wasn’t popular with locals and has yet to be built despite repeated attempts. Read full story
Little Paris2024-03-28T11:07:26-07:00