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Marybeth Bond has not always been a Gutsy Woman. At summer camp, when she was ten years old, she was nicknamed “Misty” because she had a bad case of homesickness. Not one of her counselors would have predicted a traveling future for her. However, several decades later, Marybeth has hiked, cycled, climbed, dived, and kayaked her way through more than seventy countries around the world, from the depths of the Flores Sea to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. She studied in Paris for four years, earned two degrees, and had a business career in marketing. At twenty-nine, she took off again, this time to travel alone around the world. These two years of travel changed her life. She met her future husband, an American, in Kathmandu, Nepal, and she returned to begin a new career as a writer, consultant, and lecturer. Since then she has given lectures around the world at such venues as the Explorers Club and Asia Society in New York. Marybeth’s first book, A Woman’s World, is a bestseller and won the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal for Best Travel Book from the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. It is an eloquent collection of women’s writing that paints a rich portrait of what it means to be a woman today. Marybeth was a featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, with her book Gutsy Women. As a nationally recognized travel expert and media personality, Marybeth has appeared on CBS News, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX TV, and National Public Radio. She was the “Smart Traveler” radio host for the nationally syndicated Outside Radio show and the travel expert/columnist for the Travel Channel on, a women’s online network. She was also the “Travel Expert” for CBS’s Evening Magazine. She is currently the Adventure Editor for travelgirl magazine and the Spokesperson for AAA, Northern California. Follow along with her at Marybeth has two children and a husband, and lives in Northern California. She travels as much as she can—with her family, her friends, or alone. Other Books by Marybeth Bond A Woman’s World A Woman’s Passion for Travel Gutsy Women Gutsy Mamas A Mother’s World A Woman’s Europe A Woman’s Asia 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America

Gutsy Women

gutsy_s Marybeth Bond, editor of Travelers' Tales: A Woman's World (winner of the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal for Best Travel Book) has done it again in this indispensable guide now in its 4th edition with travel tips for women on the road. The book also includes twelve stories from the author's travels. Gutsy Women, Fourth Edition, for novice as well as experienced travelers, provides a wealth of fresh ideas on how to travel safely, comfortably, within your budget, alone, with your mother or children. Sections of the book address: The Older Adventuress, The First Time Traveler, The Solo Traveler, Women's Health and Hygiene, Dining on the Road, and Romance, Loneliness, and Unwelcome Advances. The book is packed with funny, instructive and inspiring travel vignettes from the author and from people like yourself who have traveled a little, or extensively.

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A Woman’s World Again

awwa_s Explore the World in the Company of Women Way back in the ’90s, readers and critics alike loved the stories of women travelers in A Woman’s World, which won a Lowell Thomas Gold Medal for Best Travel Book. Twelve years later, best-selling author and editor Marybeth Bond continues to champion women’s travel in A Woman’s World Again with thirty-three remarkable journeys ranging from the middle of nowhere to middle America. Whether they are exploring identity in Ireland, sharing tea with a carpet seller in Turkey, or apprenticing with the silversmiths of Niger, these women will inspire you to create your own adventures. Learn the samba and keep the rhythm in Brazil, Reach the summit of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Get the makeover of your life from the women of the Dominican Republic, Discover the appeal of the Virgin Mary in Mexico, Encounter an alternative view of death and dying in India, Feel the hunger pangs of Hemingway while studying in Paris, Flirt and get that warm fuzzy feeling on a Sicilian farm…and much more.

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A Woman’s Passion for Travel

passion_s “Reading this book is dangerous. You’ll quit your job. You’ll cash in your savings—or take out a loan. At the very least, you’ll ache to follow in the footsteps of these fine writers on their exciting travels.” — Lucy Jan Bledsoe, author of Working Parts, Everything feels different on the road. It’s a time to test limits, contemplate life from new angles, or create changes big and small. The women in A Woman’s Passion for Travel do this and more, exploring every corner of the globe and every facet of their characters, accepting challenges and delving beneath the surface of cultures. They find inspiration from other women as they discover themselves and turn old stories into daring new adventures. In this remarkable collection, women of all ages take risks, learn, and embrace the joys of the world. Lighthearted or serious, funny or sad, each story will move you—perhaps even to the road itself.

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A Woman’s Europe

awe_s Winner! Gold Medal for Best Travel Book in the Society of American Travel Writers Western Chapter Awards 2005. Here's what the judges had to say. "In a category filled with transcendent writing, this one stands out because it defies expectation. It deftly avoids the “women’s writing” trap, which produces stories more concerned with the writer’s inner life than with her ostensible subject. This collection more often employs the writer’s sensibility as a filter for conveying the soul of a place—through its castles or its war-torn sidewalks or quirks of its famous citizens, to be sure, but mostly through encounters with its construction workers, pub denizens, landladies and pilgrims. In fact, a couple of these stories border on perfection. And when the story hinges on romance, as many do, we realize before the last page that no matter how enticing the object of affection, the true affair is with this new place, with travel, with life. Refreshing, and masterfully done."

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A Woman’s Asia

awa_s“Fragrances of frangipani and jasmine, reverberating gongs in golden temples…these worked their way under my skin and into a deeper consciousness. I had fallen under the spell of Asia, and I knew I would always want more.” — Marybeth Bond, from the Introduction. Women have been traveling to Asia in ever-greater numbers for the simple reason that it is the most fascinating continent on earth. From India to China, Japan to Sri Lanka, cultures, cuisines, and adventures form an intoxicating and enlightening web of experiences for women of all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

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