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Eric Newby: Through Love and War

An interview with Eric Newby at his home in Guildford, England in 2004, excerpted from A Sense of Place
Eric Newby’s life story reads like a Hollywood script. After a comfortable, middle-class English upbringing, Newby left home at eighteen to join the crew of one of the world’s last commercial sailing ships, the Moshulu, which

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Beneath the Rim

by Michael Shapiro

A journey down the Colorado River with Captain John Wesley Powell.

Our boats are four in number. Three are built of oak, stanch and firm (with) water-tight cabins.… These will buoy the boats should the waves roll them over in rough water. The fourth is made of pine…built for fast rowing.… We take

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The Longest Day

by Michael Shapiro
The grip of love reaches through time.As a planeload of people stared at their tiny seat-back screens, I raised the cover of the oval window and witnessed my second dawn of the day. The orange-pink light illuminated the crystalline snow below that blanketed Baffin Island like diamond dust with a purity that took

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