Michael Shapiro

About Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro writes about travel, food, books, environmental issues, and the performing arts for U.S. newspapers and national magazines. His first literary book, A Sense of Place, is a collection of interviews with the world’s leading travel authors.

In 2017, Shapiro delivered a Sonoma County TEDx talk entitled, “The Space Between,” about how global travel can foster understanding. Shapiro lives with his wife in Sonoma County and volunteers as a whitewater raft guide for a Northern California outfitter that takes special needs people on outdoor adventures.

For more about The Creative Spark, or to contact Shapiro, see thecreativesparkbook.com.

A Sense of Place

place_s “I’ve never thought of us so-called travel writers as forming a comradeship, but in this innovative book, Shapiro brings our motley crew into a single focus by surveying eighteen of us, as writers and as people, through a single pair of perceptive, generous, and imaginative eyes.” —Jan Morris

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