About Moro Buddy Bohn

After growing up in the California towns of Carmel, Laguna Beach and Los Gatos, Walter Moro (“Buddy”) Bohn, professionally known since 1975 as Moro, a one-name composer/guitarist, began touring with his guitar and knapsack during his Principia College summer breaks. On receiving his BA in Drama/Journalism in 1961, he knapsack- toured clear around the world as a guitarist-troubadour, never once using money as a means of exchange. He wrote about his travels for several newspapers. His adventures were covered extensively in the media, and he performed on many television shows and in nightclubs and concert halls throughout the world. While in Los Angeles he played his guitar nightly at Paul Newman’s own private, membership-only nightclub, The Factory. He also played in Las Vegas, at Howard Hughes’ own nightclub, the Cabaret Room. He toured with the New Christy Minstrels and was guest soloist until he became engaged to Princess Simine of Iran and went to live with her at her beach villa in the south of Spain. She died tragically, and he went to London where, as Buddy Bohn, he composed and recorded for Deep Purple’s label an LP that contained his first international radio hit, Vermouth Rondo, performing it with the London Philharmonic Orchestra produced by his good friend Jerry Lordan, composer of the multimillion-selling Apache. He settled in Bodega Bay, California, and released eight albums of his compositions including Hosanna Blue, the world’s most aired solo guitar recording from 1981–84. As of this writing, he’s the recipient of 31 consecutive annual ASCAP Awards for airings of his compositions. His music can be found at

Kin to the Wind

kin-to-the-wind“A most diverting and picaresque tale, one that reads like a sentimental journey of a hundred years ago.” —the late Norman Cousins In the early 1960s, a young, self-taught musician set out to travel the world with no money, equipped only with his guitar, his voice, and his belief in the goodness of people. Along the way, blown by the winds of fortune, guided by instinct, he played for kings and paupers, soldiers and servants, artists and terrorists. His name is Moro Buddy Bohn, and his unlikely and powerful story will uplift you and inspire you to live the life you want. His audiences have included Queen Elizabeth II of England, King Frederick IX of Denmark, Pablo Picasso ...

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