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Traveling Coat

by Peter Valing
It has seen the world, and so have its owners.
In recent times, it has become fashionable to appear as though you have just emerged from a garage. Clothing is worn, torn, and synthetically soiled. I believe the couture term is vintage. The look is everywhere, and designers are cashing in by giving urban
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Africa: Where The Fighters Are Hungry

Suspicion reigned at the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border. It was a month or so following the controversial re-election of President Robert Mugabe, and the border guards had their eyes peeled for trouble-making foreigners, especially journalists. Having mingled with members of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), Mugabe’s opposition, and several families of white farmers, Mugabe’s scapegoats, I now feared complications exiting the country.

Africa: Where The Fighters Are Hungry2017-04-24T02:33:00-07:00