Sheila Swan

About Sheila Swan

Sheila Swan Laufer has been traveling the world for fun and business since the 1960s. From camping in Latin America to luxury resorts in the Old World, from long-distance buses across the American South to first-class airliner seats five miles high, from quaint pensions on the Iberian Peninsula to five-star hotels in Oceana, she has experienced the extremes travel offers--taking notes all along the way.

Safety and Security for Women Who Travel

Safety and Security for Women Who Travel"A cache of valuable advice." —The Christian Science Monitor Personal safety is a prime concern for women on the road, and this collection of tips and wisdom gives women the tools they need to be secure, confident travelers. Authors and world travelers Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer help lay to rest fears and provide guidance for women to travel securely anywhere in the world. This book includes helpful and entertaining anecdotes from other women.

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