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The World Is a Kitchen

kitchen_s“A vicarious delight for the virtual tourist, as well as an inspiration for the most seasoned culinary voyager.” — Mollie Katzen, author of Moosewood Cookbook. Taste the World One Culture at a Time, From the casual cook to the seasoned traveler to the serious gourmand, The World Is a Kitcheninspires its readers to experience food in a new way, exploring new lands, new cultures, and new cuisines. Chefs, travel writers, and dedicated foodies share their unique experiences, transporting readers into kitchens in Morocco, Italy, Belize, Cypress, Kenya, Vietnam, and elsewhere around the world, revealing the diverse traditions of other countries through their cuisine. Explore the gastronomic side of travel through these stories, trying the hard-won and treasured recipes as you go along, and then get ready to plan your own adventure. 37 first-person culinary adventures at cooking schools, on the road, in homes, and B&Bs across the globe. 30 international recipes, including African mafe, Russian pelmeni, Mexican mole verde, and a classic French tarte tatin, Extensive resource section including research tips, cooking schools and classes, culinary tours, internet resources, and recommended reading.

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Supine Shopping

It is amazing the variety of items that one can buy while lying on a lounge chair at the edge of the Andaman Sea. Seemingly at the end of the world, persistent vendors hunt you down and offer everything you never needed.  

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