Susan Fox Rogers

About Susan Fox Rogers

Susan Fox Rogers is the editor of ten book anthologies including Solo: On Her Own Adventure and Going Alone: Women’s Adventures in the Wild. In the austral summer of 2004-05 she spent six weeks on an NSF grant in McMurdo. From there she traveled to various remote camps and to the South Pole. She lives in the Hudson River Valley and teaches creative writing and First Year Seminar at Bard College.


ant_s.gif "What is it like to live and work in the coldest, harshest climate on Earth? The stories in this book reveal the challenges and rewards of exploring the otherworldly continent of Antarctica. Through a rich range of wise and funny essays, twenty writers introduce us to a wild cast of characters, share intimate details of daily life on the Ice, take us into a fantastic landscape, and capture the spirit of a fascinating, forbidding land. Explore places where your footprints will outlive you, Survive a blizzard of historic proportions, Find dinosaur bones while on a hunt for krill, Contemplate the fate of the Adélie penguin, Live through the “day it rained chickens”, Search for meteorites emerging from the ice, Spend your honeymoon working on Antarctica’s only newspaper, Take the dreaded “psych test” all Antarctic workers must endure, Watch the sun rise for the first time in six months at the South Pole…and much more.

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