Thom Elkjer

About Thom Elkjer

Thom Elkjer is the wine editor for Wine Country Living magazine (formerly Appellation). He has contributed to Wine Spectator in the U.S. and WINE magazine in London, and appears in Travelers' Tales volumes on Paris, Italy, Ireland, food, humor, and spirituality. He has also published a mystery titled Hook, Line and Murder and is the author of Fodor's Escape to the California Wine Country. He lives in San Rafael, CA.

Adventures in Wine

 Adventures in Wine Humanity, community, and brotherhood comprise the marvelous virtues of the wine world—from its makers, visitors, friends, and, of course, drinkers. This first-rate collection toasts the warmth and wonders of this large, extended family in stories told by travelers who are wine novices and experts alike. Raise a glass to Dionysus, the god of wine, on the Greek island of Santorini; bring your Parisian, wine-connoisseur fiancé home to meet your Southern beer-drinking family; and enjoy a festive late night in Chile, where wine sampling offers a tasty collision of cultures. Wine, as these acclaimed writers discover, provides a universal medium for bringing people together. As contributor Karen MacNeil writes, "What I didn't know then was that this deep-seated sense of hospitality, generosity, excitement, and community is at the very core of he wine buisnes around the world."

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