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This morning, I scaled the walls of Mycenae

I felt a thrill, almost of familiarity, as I approached the hilltop fortress, set on a precipitous ridge between twinned mountains, Profitis Ilias to the north and Sara to the south. Perhaps it’s my childhood fascination with ancient Greece, which took me through an undergraduate degree in Classics rather than anything more practical, but perhaps

This morning, I scaled the walls of Mycenae2015-12-08T17:10:40-08:00

Perfect Resonance

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Christina loves ancient theaters – for her, they are the high point of any classical site. So we were really looking forward to our visit to Epidaurus, the largest

Perfect Resonance2017-04-24T02:32:07-07:00

Illumined in Sainte-Chapelle

Louis IX left Notre Dame to the ordinary folk and heard Mass himself across the square, in his exquisite private chapel.
After visiting Notre Dame, I headed across the street, nose in a map, driven by a faint memory of a passing mention of a small church "with the best stained glass outside of Chartres."
Illumined in Sainte-Chapelle2015-12-21T22:49:37-08:00