Welcome to the Travelers’ Tales Booksellers’ Room! Here we will provide information on:

How to order books

Travelers’ Tales books are sold to retail bookstores by Publishers Group West. Click here for more information. You can also purchase all Travelers’ Tales books through your favorite wholesaler, including, but not limited to: Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Bookpeople, Bookazine, and Koen. If you have any other questions about ordering books, please contactpublicity@travelerstales.com, or call 650-462-2110. The Travelers’ Tales’ ISBN prefixes are 1-885211 and 1-932361.

Free marketing materials

Travelers’ Tales produces a variety of materials available free to all booksellers. Currently available:

  • Postcards: We produce beautiful, colorful postcards for all of our new titles. Each postcard is 5 1/8″ x 8″. The front of the postcard shows the cover of the book; the back contains a brief quote for and/or description of the book, along with the title information, including price and ISBN. They contain plenty of room for a message, as well as address. Great for cash-wrap giveaway, book groups, customer mailings, book festivals, and event promotion.
  • Bookmarks: We have created bookmarks for selected titles for use by booksellers. Each bookmark measures 2″ x 6″, and is printed on a heavy stock with gloss finish. The jacket of the featured title, along with a related quote, is pictured on the front; the reverse side lists complete title information (including author, ISBN, and price) for the featured title and two related titles. Perfect for cash-wrap giveaway, book groups, and book festivals.
  • Travelers’ Tales Bibliographies: The editors at Travelers’ Tales have put together two annotated bibliographies of the very best in adventure travel books and women’s travel books. Each 8-page reference includes descriptions of more than 50 books from all publishers. Great for staff education and reference, for customer handout in travel sections, and for book groups. Click to view the Adventure Travel bibliography, and Women’s Travel bibliography. Please note that this shows you content only, and not the design.
  • Posters: We have created posters for selected titles for use by booksellers. Posters come in various sizes and are great for display in your store, as well as book festival giveaways. Please contact publicity@travelerstales.com for specifics.

Hosting a Travelers’ Tales Event in Your Store

Travelers’ Tales authors and editors make terrific bookstore guests, both as individual authors and as panelists. We are happy to work with any bookstore in fulfilling your request. Additionally, some of our contributing story writers from our anthologies are available for bookstore events. Please contact publicity@travelerstales.com, or 650-462-2110, with any ideas or suggestions. Even if our author is not visiting your city, they may travel there at a later date and we might be able to arrange something. So, please ask.

Co-op is available for most events (see next section), as well as postcards, bookmarks, and a poster blow-up of the cover.

Event and Newsletter Co-op

Co-op is available for most new release bookstore events. The amount is determined on a book-by-book basis. Please discuss your co-op plans with your contact at Travelers’ Tales at the time that you book your event for approval of expenditure type and maximum amount allowed. All co-op claims, with supporting documentation, should then be filed with the advertising department at Publishers Group West.

Co-op is also available for most newsletter reviews/write-ups, based on word count, in the amount of $50. Again, claims, with supporting back-up, must be filed with Publishers Group West. Please contact publicity@travelerstales.com for necessary materials or further information. Co-op is reimbursed via a credit on your Publishers Group West account in the same month that your claim is filed and approved.

Display and other Contests

We currently do not have any contests running. Please check here periodically for updates.

Special Discounts and Offers

All special discounts and offers are administered through Publishers Group West. Check with your PGW rep for details.