Trader Horn

trader_s.gifThe latest addition to the popular Travelers' Tales Classics series, Trader Horn is one man’s account of his wild youth as an ivory trader in Central Africa. Stories of thrills and danger abound, as do wild beasts, serpents, and savages. The book was a best-seller in 1927 and was also released as an MGM major motion picture. Follow Trader Horn as he journeys into jungles teaming with buffalo, gorillas, and man-eating leopards, frees slaves, meets Cecil Rhodes (founder of Rhodesia) and liberates a princess from captivity.

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Coast to Coast

Coast to CoastHere at the dawn of the publication of Jan Morris' final book, is her very first. Fresh from her successful scoop reporting on the first Everest ascent in 1953, she spent a year journeying by car, train, ship, and aircraft across the United States. "I did not know it then, and nor did America, but chance had brought me across the Atlantic at the very apex of American happiness," says Morris, in her new Introduction. In her brilliant prose, Morris records with exuberance and curiosity a time of innocence in the U.S.--when television was in its infancy, the Big Mac had not yet been invented, adn the popular song of the day was "Chatanooga Choo-Choo."

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The Rivers Ran East

riverseast_s This is a riveting firsthand account of Leonard Clark's search for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola - reputedly home to enormous reserves of gold - in the Amazon rain forest east of the Peruvian Andes. En route, he acquires vast knowledge about the lives of indigenous peoples. A former U.S. Army intelligence officer, Clark is joined on his expedition by Inez Pokorny, a gutsy, multilingual female sidekick and fellow explorer. Their treacherous journey includes encounters with headhunting JÖvaro Indians, man-eating jaguars, forty-foot-long anacondas, poisonous plants, and shamanistic healers. "An exploration to rival Lewis and Clark's, remarkable both for its sense of adventure and for the breadth of its reporting." - Joe Kane, author of Savages and Running the Amazon

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Unbeaten Tracks in Japan



From the foremother of today's women travelers--a classic tale from 1878 by the first woman to explore and write about the interior of Japan. Written during a time when women did not travel alone and Japan was still mysterious to most, this is a groundbreaking book-illuminating a side of Japan little known today.
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The Royal Road to Romance

royalroad_s"When Richard Halliburton graduated from college, he chose adventure over a career, traveling the world with almost no money. The Royal Road to Romance chronicles what happens as a result, from a breakthrough Matterhorn ascent to being jailed for taking forbidden pictures on Gibraltar.

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