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Mousejunkies! 3rd Edition

Mousejunkies! 3rd EditionMousejunkies! is a laugh-filled alternative to your standard WDW travel book.” —Jim Hill, Jim Hill Media “Bill Burke is a master storyteller who can take the reader on a rewarding journey on everyday events.” —Parenting Media Association Where should you turn if you want the best inside information for your Walt Disney World vacation? Why, to the fanatics who go year after year, several times a year, who spend all their waking hours planning their next trip and devising strategies to make the most of their time there—for them it’s not a vacation, it’s a way of life. That’s right, you’d turn to the Mousejunkies!

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Wild with Child

wwc_s“Kids are natural born adventurers, just itching to get outside. Open the door and follow them out.” —from the Foreword by Mark Jenkins, author of The Hard Way There’s nothing tame about being a parent! Are you eager to set off with your family into the great outdoors, where wild weather, rugged roads, and creepy critters sometimes call the shots? The families in this rough-and-ready collection of true stories do just that. Whether they are just starting on the path of wild parenting or looking back at the trail taken, they don’t accept Disneyland as the final frontier.

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A Woman’s World Again

awwa_s Explore the World in the Company of Women Way back in the ’90s, readers and critics alike loved the stories of women travelers in A Woman’s World, which won a Lowell Thomas Gold Medal for Best Travel Book. Twelve years later, best-selling author and editor Marybeth Bond continues to champion women’s travel in A Woman’s World Again with thirty-three remarkable journeys ranging from the middle of nowhere to middle America. Whether they are exploring identity in Ireland, sharing tea with a carpet seller in Turkey, or apprenticing with the silversmiths of Niger, these women will inspire you to create your own adventures. Learn the samba and keep the rhythm in Brazil, Reach the summit of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Get the makeover of your life from the women of the Dominican Republic, Discover the appeal of the Virgin Mary in Mexico, Encounter an alternative view of death and dying in India, Feel the hunger pangs of Hemingway while studying in Paris, Flirt and get that warm fuzzy feeling on a Sicilian farm…and much more.

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One Year Off

One Year OffA year off from work. A meandering journey around the globe. Though it sounds like an impossible dream, one day David Cohen and his family decided to make it a reality. In their year, the Cohen family trek up a Costa Rican volcano, traverse the vast Australian desert, and roam the Burgundy canals by houseboat. An inspiring true story of one family's adventure of a lifetime.

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Family Travel

Family TravelDiscover how travel can restore and revitalize family ties, giving us all deeper roots and stronger wings to explore the world. Notable authors include: Paul Reiser, Mary Morris, Tim Parks, Calvin Trillin, Leila Philip, and Michael Crichton.

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