Her Fork in the Road

fork_s "An unforgettable taste of the connection between the table and the world." - ALICE WATERS, chef/owner Chez Panisse Women's relationship with food is passionate and obsessive, embracing and comforting, complex and frustrating. This savory sampling of stories—by some of the best writers in and out of the food and travel fields—journeys to the heart of this age-old relationship, taking the reader from the familiar kitchens of contemporary America to the far reaches of the globe. In France, an over-enthusiastic waitress serves M.F.K. Fisher the lunch of a lifetime to sustain her on her walk to Avallon. In Tunisia, Ruth Reichl dines at the home of a local, where the meal is eaten with the hands and a dash of sensuality. And in Fiji, where the women are big and beautiful and walk like royalty, Laurie Gough encounters food as a grand and constant celebration.

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How To Eat Around the World

 How To Eat Around the World“All travelers, whether they are novices or seasoned pros, can profit from this book.” —The New York Times “Sterling makes you want to book the next flight to some exotic place so you can chow down with gusto as he does.” —Chicago Herald

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FoodMany people will tell you that they travel, in part, to break bread with strangers and leave the table with friends, and to discover a place through its food. Food: True Stories of Eating Around the World celebrates the fact that humanity is revealed through cuisine just as surely as it is through art, sport, and environment. Join top writers such as M. F.K. Fisher, Bob Shacochis, P.J. O'Rourke and Colin Thubron as they explore and savor food around the world. Winner of the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book, Food is now available in a revised and updated edition.

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Adventures in Wine

 Adventures in Wine Humanity, community, and brotherhood comprise the marvelous virtues of the wine world—from its makers, visitors, friends, and, of course, drinkers. This first-rate collection toasts the warmth and wonders of this large, extended family in stories told by travelers who are wine novices and experts alike. Raise a glass to Dionysus, the god of wine, on the Greek island of Santorini; bring your Parisian, wine-connoisseur fiancé home to meet your Southern beer-drinking family; and enjoy a festive late night in Chile, where wine sampling offers a tasty collision of cultures. Wine, as these acclaimed writers discover, provides a universal medium for bringing people together. As contributor Karen MacNeil writes, "What I didn't know then was that this deep-seated sense of hospitality, generosity, excitement, and community is at the very core of he wine buisnes around the world."

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The Fire Never Dies

danger_sIn these wide-ranging tales from a life on the road, Vietnam vet and "adventure eater" Richard Sterling takes the reader deep into the heart of cultures from Asia to Africa to North America. Whether breaking bread with a murderer in the Baja desert, or enjoying a shipboard dalliance with a mysterious new acquaintance on the South China Sea, Sterling's faith in humanity is continually renewed through the sharing of food, drink, and passion. Provocative and testosterone-edged, his writing is also poignant and hilarious.

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