The Fire Never Dies

danger_sIn these wide-ranging tales from a life on the road, Vietnam vet and "adventure eater" Richard Sterling takes the reader deep into the heart of cultures from Asia to Africa to North America. Whether breaking bread with a murderer in the Baja desert, or enjoying a shipboard dalliance with a mysterious new acquaintance on the South China Sea, Sterling's faith in humanity is continually renewed through the sharing of food, drink, and passion. Provocative and testosterone-edged, his writing is also poignant and hilarious.

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The Adventure of Food

advenfood_s1From the award-winning editor of Travelers' Tales Food, here is another collection of heart-warming, funny, and sometimes frightening true stories of eating that will make your mouth water while helping you better understand other cultures. Notable authors include: Jeffrey Steingarten, Frances Mayes, Jonathan Raban, John Krich, and Maxine Kumin.

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