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Sand in My Bra Tour Info and Dates

SandThe Bramobile Hits the Road!
Ride along as this year’s funniest book sweeps the nation

Events for our hilarious women’s humor book, Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures, have been standing-room only, and great reviews are pouring

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Peaceful Po Lin

While visiting Hong Kong for the Handover in 1997, thePo Lin Monastery on Lantau Island was a serendipitous discovery on my first trip overseas. I had been hammering the streets of Hong Kong with a professional photographer and a filmmaker—the only reason I mention their professions is because their photo agendas led us on

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Great Expectations

Advenfood“Does it cost a lot to eat in Hong Kong?”
“No,” my boss said, “it doesn’t have to.”Though he was an experienced traveler, I didn’t believe him. He had money and I didn’t-only 900 bucks to my name after airfare, and

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The Beauties of Brisbane

The first thing I noticed about Brisbane was that the chemists (pharmacists, or a drug store clerk where I came from) were gorgeous. In my experience, I only knew pharmacists to be the ever-so-patient person standing behind the counter watching me do an unrecognizable ballet dance to the tune of “I’ve got to pee, I

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Chinese Like Me

For the first time in my life I was attracted to Asian men. It happened on my first trip overseas, to be exact—in Hong Kong, 34 hours before Great Britain ceremoniously handed its Crown Colony back to China. Journalists were all over the island, schedules in hand, looking for anything newsworthy. The world was watching, waiting for change.

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