Larry Habegger

Bush Tucker

By Larry Habegger

The author discovers more than food in sampling plants from the land.

I’d been thinking a lot about crocodiles. The saltwater species that lives in tropical Australia grow to 20 feet or more, and they’re so stealthy and quick it’s said you never see them until they’ve got you. Just yesterday we got hung

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Going to Hana

HawaiiOnce we left Kahului, we were driving along a country road with the deep blue sea on our left. Windsurfers raced across the whitecaps at Ho’okipa Beach Park, and a few miles on, we entered the rain forest on the

Going to Hana2017-04-24T02:32:13-07:00

Mockingbird Summer

BirdsI came home one evening this spring to the rollicking song of a mockingbird in the trees outside my house. The song filled an empty space in me I’d forgotten existed, because it was the voice of a long lost

Mockingbird Summer2017-04-24T02:32:13-07:00

Tao of the Racetrack

hongI’m not a gambler. I know nothing about horses. But I was drawn irresistibly to the track in Hong Kong. I’d heard the amazing numbers about gambling on the horses here, more money being bet on one race than in

Tao of the Racetrack2017-04-24T02:32:13-07:00

A Skier’s Nirvana

An intermediate-advanced skier gets his head turned in the Colorado Rockies.
I picked my way down the sheer face, carving a turn here, braking on a bump there, peering over the edge as my ski tips bent into the packed snow and swept me left, then right. I was successfully finding a line down the mountain,
A Skier’s Nirvana2017-04-24T02:32:13-07:00