More Sample Chapters from the TT Series

The Best View of Istanbul

by James Villers Jr.
An apartment provides the window for making the city his own.
For one bittersweet year, I lived in an apartment with a balcony overlooking what my friends described as the best view in all of Istanbul. It was maybe the only view that could irrefutably prove I was not dreaming, that I was,
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Bola’s Gift

by Alison Wright
Like the power of the atom, truth splits the heart wide open. Bola was the most hideously deformed man I had ever seen in my life. Yet, even here in Calcutta, someone had loved him enough to keep him alive for twenty-three years. I was living in Nepal working as a photographer for
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If You Meet the Buddha on the Road

by Gladys Montgomery Jones

Why do you want things?

As the empty pedestals and barren niches of a thousand temples attest, people have been taking away Asia’s treasures for centuries. Perhaps, along with their Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, they hope to possess something that cannot be possessed—the intangible mystique of cultures that hold these images sacred. I

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