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Food for Thought

FoodI was working as a “production assistant” with a British film crew that was making a documentary for a British multinational firm about deforestation in Nepal. We were based in Trisuli, a small but bustling town named after the well-known river,

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Natives In Touristland: Pokhra Portraits


In the “exclusive, air-conditioned” Kathmandu-Pokhra bus, a young foreign woman asked me how much I had paid for my bus fare. When I told her, she screwed up her nose in disgust and spat out, “That’s SO unfair. Totally unfair! It’s the same everywhere. We foreigners always end up paying

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Italians in Nadeeeer

[Editor’s Note: A friend sent our correspondent a letter in which she described herself as desperately depressed about her failure as a writer because no one was buying her books. She also lamented being squeezed for time because she would be in Morocco and then Europe for six weeks prior to an important deadline. Our

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In Buddha’s Backyard

NepalOne sunny, winter morning, I took the nine a.m. minibus from the ratty border town of Bhairawa to Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddartha Gautam, better known throughout the world as “Buddha,” the Enlightened One. My aunt had assured me that

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Dude, Where’s My Topi?

Travelers’ Tales Asia Editor Raj Khadka does a little social climbing in Kathmandu at the 50th Anniversary of the Everest Climb.

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