Richard Goodman

Provence: An Introduction

It was a stone house that was big and old with many rooms and walls as thick as a fortress. We lived there for a year in a small village in a corner of Provence about an hour from Avignon. It was a lovely way to live, in a house that had
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Homage to Village in the Vaucluse

To anyone who has not spent much time in a small village in Provence, Laurence Wylies Village in the Vaucluse may seem strange, or anachronistic, or both. If you have been only to the towns and cities in the South of France, the little village in the hills of Provence where Wylie spent a year in 1950 will probably seem something out of the last century to you, a place more likely to exist in the hills of Sicily than in the sun-drenched land of Marseille, Aix, and Nice where tourists from all over the world congregate.

Homage to Village in the Vaucluse2017-04-24T02:32:12-07:00