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Gateway to Somewhere Else: The Arch of St. Louis and the King’s Basilica

We were traveling with our children on our annual van excursion across the country, and being Catholic, needed to go to Sunday Mass. Marvel of marvels there was a church within walking distance of our downtown hotel and so we went. The Basilica of Louis IX was first built in 1770. A newer structure was built in 1832 and dedicated in 1834. It is a wonderfully airy and very pretty cathedral but it has one feature that the builders would never have imagined in their wildest dreams. If you look out the western windows, you can see the Arch of St. Louis.

Gateway to Somewhere Else: The Arch of St. Louis and the King’s Basilica2017-04-24T02:32:53-07:00

Let’s Pull the Plug on Group Mind

There are many among us who are puzzled by the suicidal actions of Muslim terrorists. How and why are they doing this? What really is their motive? None of these questions can be answered with the standard pabulum about terrorism seeking to destabilize the West.

Let’s Pull the Plug on Group Mind2017-04-24T02:33:10-07:00

Lady of the Avenues

I have always loved San Francisco. I say this without shame or passion. It is a statement of fact, something unalterable like the sun rising or the smell of coffee in the morning. This is the city where I spent my childhood and as a boy would walk the streets for hours at night with

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Glide and the Family Church

I knew this was not going to be a normal day at church when I encountered a tall transvestite in the bathroom. He was preening over the sinkthe sink that I wanted to use. What should I do?

Glide and the Family Church2015-12-21T23:39:33-08:00

The Snowboarder

A fifty-something former pioneering teenage skateboarder tries out snowboarding, and discovers his muscles have a long memory.

The Snowboarder2015-12-21T23:43:28-08:00