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Parahawking in Nepal

travelers-talesBy MJ Pramik

Seeing the world anew.

When I hit sixty, my eldest daughter said, ‘Sixty is the new forty.’ These words spawned in me a wanderlust the likes of which I couldn’t believe, and weeks after my birthday I challenged myself to go alone to Antarctica. After cavorting with flocks of frenzied penguins and climbing out of a dormant volcano, I returned to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego—and an email bearing the news that my ninety-one-year-old father was fading fast.
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Ghost Ship


By MJ Pramik

USS Hornet conducts spook maneuvers.

Darkness hangs opaque around me. I hover close to my crewmates assembled tonight on the USS Hornet, berthed in Alameda, California. We all breathe aloud as heaviness fills the air. I ask oceans of questions to keep any lingering spirits at bay. I’ve joined an evening “History, Mystery Tour” on the USS Hornet, the CV-12 battleship, or what’s left of it. Several tour attendants voice a belief in the paranormal.
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