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Tourism in Trouble: Israel’s Model Industry Takes a Direct Hit

by Brent Madison

The Holy Land’s tourism industry has taken a nose-dive of Biblical proportions. From cave-dwelling cheese makers to the suited executives of its finest hotels, Israel frets over the rapidly decreasing numbers of guests to the country. While internal security remains vigilant, outside perceptions of the country have changed, leaving trips to Israel

Tourism in Trouble: Israel’s Model Industry Takes a Direct Hit2017-04-24T02:32:13-07:00

The Richest Gift

Richard Sterling remembers a small kindness he once offered in a time of war, and its surprising ramifications many years later.

The Richest Gift2015-12-22T22:04:57-08:00

My Journey with Anna Maria

by Scott Bernard Three hours above the suspension bridge over the Urabamba River on Peru’s Inca Trail, we stopped at Huayllabamba, a village of a few scattered houses. The porters had set up camp in front of the one room stone school on a rough dirt patch used by the children for play, and I set up my tent among the others. Throughout dinner a woman watched from the shadows at the corner of the school building, stepping forward, then retreating. When everyone was finished with hot chocolate, she crept from the shadows, crossed the black gap between two worlds, and entered the camp light, stepping carefully. She said something quietly and rubbed a finger up and down her forearm.

My Journey with Anna Maria2017-04-24T02:32:52-07:00

Shedding Masks

On a warm October morning in Egypt, I ventured into Cairo’s labyrinthine Khan Al-Khalili market to lose myself. I passed stalls of gold, sliver, and brasswares, brightly patterned galabeyas and linen scarves draped across narrow passageways, colorful bowls of spices shaped into delicate, powdery pyramids.  

Shedding Masks2017-04-24T02:32:52-07:00